Updates to the Further Education and Skills Inspection Handbook go into effect today

The Handbook for Further Education and Skills Inspection has been updated and published today with some important changes for any provider delivering apprenticeships.

Ofsted have provided more detail regarding monitoring visits and full inspections for providers that became newly directly funded to deliver apprenticeship training provision from or after April 2017:

  • The monitoring visit will normally be carried out within 24 months of the start of the direct funding by ESFA or through the apprenticeship levy.
  • Such providers will normally receive their first full inspection within 24 months of the publication of the report of that monitoring visit.

Further information has also been provided regarding what actions Ofsted will take following a monitoring visit which has one or more ‘insufficient progress’ judgements:

  • These providers will normally receive their full inspection within 6 to 12 months of the publication of the monitoring visit report.
  • If a provider is judged to have made ‘insufficient progress’ with respect to safeguarding, they will also normally receive one further monitoring visit to review only their safeguarding arrangements, within four months of the previous monitoring visit.

The tighter time frames mean you need to be ready for an Ofsted visit now, there will not be time to prepare when you get the phone call.

A reminder that normally there is two working days’ notice before a monitoring visit, however, inspectors may arrive unannounced.

For more information or assistance with Ofsted inspections contact us at skills@nsar.co.uk

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