Network Rail releases “Everyone Matters Guide to Inclusive Learning”

Everyone Matters Guide to Inclusive Learning is a new handbook from Network Rail establishing best practice, standards and guidelines for accessible and inclusive training design and delivery throughout the UK rail industry. Providing inclusive training ensures that the differences of the individuals being trained are valued, remove the barriers to learning, provide a better learning experience and achieve increased engagement.

The handbook is a result of consultation between training organisations and specialists, to trainers, designers, management and learners – with many contributing to the working group discussions that helped produce this guide. It offers practical advice, as well as a range of ‘hints and tips’ for inclusive practice. This guide provides advice on both the steps to take to minimise barriers to learning and how to increase the participation of trainees:

  1. Methodology (for making training inclusive and accessible)
  2. Design and Development (of accessible training materials)
  3. Delivery of Inclusive Training
  4. Further resources and information

Download the Everyone Matters Guide to Inclusive Learning now by clicking here.