A further 6 Training Providers banned from taking on new apprentices

Ofsted is continuing to carry out its programme of monitoring visits to new apprenticeship training providers resulting in a further 6 Training Providers banned from taking on new apprentices.  The additional £7 million in funding from the DfE in September has enabled the regulator to clamp down on apprentice training providers.

The training providers in question have all been subject to a report that finds that ‘insufficient progress’ has been made under one or more of the themes assessed. ESFA now reserves the right to remove an organisation from the register and stop all current and future apprenticeship delivery which would require employers to move all apprentices to another providers.

NSAR continues to run bespoke Ofsted Inspection Preparation Workshops to help organisations get to grips with the requirements of the Ofsted Common Inspection Framework.

To find out more about our workshops, contact us at skills@nsar.co.uk

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